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The Simpsons, Style Running of the Bulls

02/11/2011. This cartoon series from Fox takes an ironic look at the world of bullfighting and the running of the bulls in one of their episodes. This particular episode was first broadcast in 2006 and it belongs to the 17th season of the popular series which is now the longest-running cartoon program in the history of television

It is said that if you don't appear in one of the episodes of The Simpsons you are just a nobody, but at the same time, if you do appear on the popular series, you are exposed to the acid humor of the scriptwriters of this long-running show. Just lately, there have been some repeats shown on different channels of the bullfighting episode which is broadcast under the title "Million Dollar Abie". Here, the bullfighting world comes under the magnifying glass of scriptwriter Tim Long and the director of the episode, Steven Dean Moore.

This series produced by Fox television channel has dealt with lots of controversial themes over the years and this particular episode (No. 16) is no exception. Episode 16 of the 17th season of the show and episode no. 372 of the whole series was first broadcast in April, 2006 in The USA. The plot opens with the loss of the franchise on the Springfield football stadium through the fault of granddad Simpson. As the stadium is already built it has to be used in some way or other. A Latin promoter makes the proposal at a city hall meeting to use the stadium for holding bullfight spectacles. The granddad becomes a bullfighter and he is helped in his training and preparation by Bart Simpson. Meanwhile, Lisa Simpson, a fervent anti-taurino, recriminates him for his cruelty to dumb animals. At his first bullfight, the granddad kills a bull and he recovers his fame and his glory. At his second bullfight the granddad can no longer withstand the recriminations from Lisa and he allows the bulls to escape alive from the fights. A spontaneous running of the bulls takes place - a running which is half way between an American-style stampede and a classic running of the bulls which takes place through the streets of Springfield.

The bulls particularly set their sights on the bullfight commentator as well as on certain of the local inhabitants. In Australia this particular episode was declared as adult content (the 4th occasion that this has happened to the Simpsons show). In the course of the mayhem, in one of the scenes, a portrait of Ernest Hemingway can be seen. And he, of course, was the principal person responsible for bringing the world of bullfighting, and especially the Pamplona running of the bulls, to the attention of the North American public.

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