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Sanfermin, among the 50 ‘must-see' fiestas

20/02/2012. The author, Laura Calonge Cebrián, publishes her booklet under the title "50 Fiestas Populares de España que no te puedes perder" ('The 50 top fiestas in Spain that shouldn't be missed'). This booklet has been published by Libros Cúpula which has been written in the style of a tourist guide, and which narrates the top fifty fiestas to be found around the Spanish state. The fiestas of San Fermín are among the most highlighted of all the fiestas.

Libros Cúpula has dedicated its latest number in its collection to the ..."The Fifty Fiestas which should not be missed". In this booklet, the author Laura Calonge Cebrián, in the style of a tourist guide, outlines the different fiestas and provides recommendations and advice on how to make the most of the fiestas day in each locality around Spain. The author explains the origins and gives a concise explanation of each different fiesta and then provides a section on practical advice and suggestions on how best to spend the time. The booklet costs 15 euro in the bookstores and online shops and 10 euro to download in electronic format. Purchase here.

The author points out that each year some 57 million tourists visit the peninsular and islands within the national territory and they spend some 52.000 million euro. She highlights the fact that it is in the different regional fiestas that a true reflection of the diverse characteristics of each place can be found. The regional fiestas could serve as the means for the tourists to reach a different level of communication and understanding of the region. And beyond the obvious attraction of the food and partying, there are further cultural values to be found, that can give a deeper dimension of the fiestas to the visitor. For that reason, there is plenty of margin for growth so as to be able to exploit the fiestas to the full. All too often, the visitor goes away with only a superficial knowledge of what the fiestas are all about. 

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