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The San Fermin and Bullrun Museum, nearer than ever

23/12/2008. Thanks to an agreement between the Government of Navarre and Pamplona City Council, the €20 million needed to start building work have been granted

Pamplona City Council has today announced that it has the money it needs in order to build the San Fermin and Bullrun museum. Thanks to an agreement with the Government of Navarre, €20 million will be made available in the form of subventions over three years: €1 million in 2009 and €91/2 million in both 2010 and 2011. The money is to be used to move the fire station from Calle Aralar and convert the building into the San Fermin and Bullrun museum.

Positive reactions were expressed at the press conference by both the council and the opposition, particularly regarding the repercussions of the project on tourism. The main criticisms focussed on the untimely moment to face up to such costs. It was also confirmed that the museum could be used for other purposes in addition to those defined in the initial plan.


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