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The 2011 Running of the Bulls, very rapid

14/07/2011. Just five runners suffered injuries from gorings, and another 38 in total were given hospital treatment, after eight high-speed bullrunnings

The 2011 Running of the Bulls will be remembered for being extremely fast - none of them took longer than 3min. 10sec. - and very clean too, - with just five runners in total wounded from gorings - and also quite smooth runnings - none of the runnings featured loose bulls or bulls that turned back on the runners, nor where there any moments of extreme danger in the behavior of the bulls.

The real risk in this year's Running of the Bulls 2011 lay in the sheer pace of the bulls. With the already mythical Resistón in leading position - yesterday this bull lead the fastest run ever recorded over the past 32 years (2min. 11sec.) the other bulls in general, flew across the paved streets of the old quarter of Pamplona, amid the frustration of the runners who could not keep up a run in front of the horns for any length of time, due to the breakneck speed of the animals.

To some up, there were just 5 injuries caused by the horns of the bulls, as compared to 9 last year, and 38 injuries from bruising, ten more than in 2010. We must go back to 2008 to find a lower number of gorings. And, as for the pace, we must go back to 1998, to find a year that was swifter-paced than this year, when all the runnings of the bulls of that year lasted less than 3 minutes.

Day 7. Torrestrella. 4 traumatisms
Day 8. Cebada Gago
. 2 injuries from gorings y 5 traumatisms
Day 9. Dolores Aguirre
. 1 injuries from gorings y 2 traumatisms
Day 10
. Miura. 10 traumatisms
Day 11. Fuente Ymbro
. 1 traumatism
Day 12. Victoriano del Río
. 2 injuries from gorings y 6 traumatisms
Day 13. El Pilar
. 7 traumatisms
Day 14. Núñez del Cuvillo
. 3 traumatisms

All the data on the running of the bulls of 2011 in Buscaencierros

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