Not long to go ...


It’s coming to a close

14/07/2011. The city is already beginning to recover normality, but there still remain several hours of partying to enjoy in Sanfermin 2011

After 9 days of non-stop fiestas for the people from Pamplona, the foreigners and the visitors from all over the world, Pamplona is already showing signs of starting to come back to normality and recover its habitual aspect. The end of the final running of the bulls this morning saw the start of the dismantling of the fencing, an unmistakable sign that little or nothing remains before the curtain comes down on the fiestas and the countdown begins for next year.

The Giants and their Troupe will parade today at midday to say their farewell to all the people and kids who accompanied them over the past nine days of Sanfermin de 2011 at City Hall Square

The coach and train stations have begun to recover their habitual time schedules and the Fairground people, who have been located once again this year at the Park de la Runa in the Rochapea neighborhood, will soon start to dismantle their stands and stalls to head off to the next fiesta venue.

This year will be remembered for the swiftness and cleanliness of the running of the bulls (with a new record time set for runnings over the past 32 years of keeping records with a time of -2min. 11sec.- featuring the El Pilar bull-breed and with a total figure of 5 gorings and 38 cases of heavy bruising). However, the afternoon bullfights proved to be largely boring and insipid. The award to the foreigner of the year- Guiri del Año to writer John Hemingway (grandson of Ernest Hemingway, whose 50th anniversary of his death took place this year)was rather special this year as was the III edición del Jai Day, when both Sanfermin and Mardi Gras from Nueva Orleans came together in successful harmony. There was also a successful turnout for the first kiddies running of the bulls - the encierro txiki which featured bulls from the bull-ranch of Mr. Testis.

There are still some hours of partying left - (have a look at the official program) before the midnight hour arrives with the 12.00 Pobre de Mí event which pulls the curtain down on Sanfermin 2011 and reminds us that there is now not long to go until Sanfermin 2012.

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