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Sanfergay, Gay party in Sanfermin

Gay fiestas, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual in Sanfermin

Sanfermin, at the moment is not a gay fiesta. However, it is the fiesta in the month of July all over the world and as people come from many places it is easy to spend a good time there. There are certain specific areas in the town which are gay-friendly, and gay places which coincide with the normal year-old infrastructure of the city.

The problem and the advantage is that the swinging spots get all mixed up in Sanfermin and nothing is quite as well defined as it would be over the rest of the year. As such , there is not yet a “pink place” designated in Sanfermin, but there have been some small initiatives taken over the past few years which may be further developed little by little.

Here we give you a series of places, bars and services usually frequented by gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals in Sanfermin. While the fiestas are going on the habitual cruising zones might be altered as many people will park and even sleep in open air places, wherever they can.
You can also check out how to contact with the Pamplona LGTB associations if you have any specific questions you would like to ask before preparing you trip and your stay in Pamplona.



LGTB associations and services (CALL 112 FOR EMERGENCIES)

LGTB Assistance Center. Calle Aldapa 3. Kattalingorri is an open and plural area that works in favor of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and cross-over people.  Services include a video library, activities, shared group support. E-mail: info@kattalingorri.org

Ehgam Nafarroa
A Gay Movement. 948 229 149. Calle Aldapa 3. They maintain a program of current news updates and activities for Gay people.  ehgam.nafarroa@euskalerria.org

A Lesbian movement. 948 228 265. Calle Marcos Goñi s/n. Women’s Care Center. With locations around the different neighborhoods this movement deals with all kind of emergency and other gynecology problems. There is also a morning service available at the Hospital Virgen del Camino, Maternity Emergency services, Irunlarrea 2. Check the locations of the centers.

Aids Citizens Commission. Comisión ciudadana anti-sida de Pamplona
This center offers information, advice, tuition, help and identification forms. Calderería 16. 948 212257 y e-mail: ccasn@pangea.org

Navarra Institute for Equality. Instituto Navarro para la igualdad
Assistance Center. It offers legal assistance on work and business matters. 948 206604. E-mail: inigualdad1@cfnavarra.es. Calle Estella 7, mezzanine floor.

Assistance for Crime Victims. Oficina de asistencia a las víctimas del delito
Calle Monasterio de Irache 22. 848 427671. This center provides full assistance (legal information, psychological help, and social aid.

S.a.r.e., pruieba VIH AIDS/SIDA  (Assistance Center)
Counseling, test for Vih/Aids, advice and consultation. Cuesta la Reina Street, 13. Tefl: 948 174376 y 948 177244.

Cruising in Sanfermin

Pamplona Municipal Garden Center – Cemetery
The cruising zone is at the rear of the main entrance to the cemetery. A busy vehicle area. There exists a nudist zone.

The Moats within the Pamplona Citadel
There is movement here day and night near the bushes. During Sanfermin it is not possible to enter as this area is given over to the fireworks displays. There is usually some movement at the Vuelta de Castillo area, near the trees.

Taconera Park in Pamplona
Nighttime cruising. Situated between the Old Quarter and neighborhood of San Juan. All kinds of people can be found here. Sometimes, aggressions have been reported. A little out of fashion. It used to be a busier area.

Lavatory areas in the Antoniutti and Media Luna Parks as well as those of the New Coach Station
Open from ten in the morning to nine o’clock at night. There is quite a bit of bustle at these places. The specialized webs recommend taking safety measures and to respect those who work in these places.

Restrooms of the Eroski Shopping Center
We are told that when stocks are being replenished there are times when ell@s also get replenished.

A-15 Highway
On the A-15 highway, in both directions, at the rest area just before Olite..

Bars and Discos Gayfriendly

One of the oldest bars in Pamplona and one of the liveliest that you can find. You can find information about it on Facebook. Located at Plaza Monasterio de Azuelo 1. Gay bar.

Gay-friendly. Located in The Old Quarter. House music. Very active in Sanfermin. Located at Tejería 34.

La Pulga
Gay-friendly, located at Aldapa, near the Navarrería, Carmen street, 2. In Sanfermin, chochi Music.

Mesón de la Navarrería
Gay-friendly. In the Navarrería. Tapas bar and coffees. All kinds of clientele. Basque Folk Music.

Racer Café
Gay-friendly. Calderería 30. A quiet spot.

Gay friendly. Dance, drink and eat.

Frente a la catedral. Gay friendly. Restaurante, modern, hipster.

The discotheques are neither gay nor gay-friendly, but some people from that world go there as there is nowhere else to go at certain hours.

Located at Monasterio de Velate. Modern.

Sala Enter
Located at Avenida de Bayona, 45. It is one of the smallest discotheques in Pamplona, with commercial music in the area of San Juan.