Imagen de Lucinda Poole frente a la obra completa de Hemingway en un posado.

Kukuxumusu awards American journalist Lucinda Poole with the “Guiri Del Año” award of Sanfermin 2017

Photo by José Luis Larrión

American journalist, Lucinda Poole, will be awarded during Sanfermin 2017 with the XIV Premio Guiri del Año, an award which is given each year by Kukuxumusu and to a foreigner who has stood out for their love of the Sanfermin fiestas. This year, in its fourteenth edition, the winner of this award is the versatile journalist and translator, Lucinda Poole, who will follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Englishman Tim Pinks. Continue reading…

Presentación de la iniciativa del vaso reciclable con Armando Cuenca.

How the system of recycled drinking glasses will work in Sanfermin

This afternoon, the Area of Urban Ecology and Sustainable Mobility from Pamplona City Hall, has invited representatives from the catering and bar sector as well as other interested citizens to a meeting – discussion session in order to present an outlined plan to promote the use of recycled drinking glasses during the Sanfermin fiestas of 2017 in the hope of achieving more sustainable fiestas this coming July. While some details remain to be agreed upon, the target of, “0 Plastic” is the aim behind these steps to try to replace the throwaway plastic glasses which have been in use over these past several years. It is hoped to reduce the garbage content of the plastic glasses by some 75% (56.000 kilograms less). Some earlier experiments carried out at other large -crowd events such as Nafarroa Oinez, Gora Iruñea, Bayonne, Terrassa as well as some other smaller trials made by the City Hall of Pamplona during Sanfermin Txikito in September, have led the authorities to believe that there exists a good base on which to try to implement the changes for the coming Sanfermin fiestas in 2017.

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Maximiliano Cosatti será la imagen de los Sanfermines de este año tras recibir el 27,4% de los votos

‘Sanfermin mornings’ –created by Maximiliano Cosatti is the winning image for this year’s Sanfermin poster


Poster no. 1, entitled ‘Mañanas sanfermineras’, was chosen as the image for the 2017 Sanfermin fiestas after it received 27,4% of the total number of votes from the 5.682 people who took part in this open vote system organized by Pamplona City Hall. The author is Maximiliano Cosatti, born in Argentina in 1979 and who has been living in Pamplona for the past 4 years. He gave a press conference alongside the mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asirón, and in the presence of the councilor responsible for Culture, Language and Sport, Maider Beloki. The prize money which went to the winning poster was 3.600 euro.

Maximiliano Cosatti has a degree in Design and Publicity Work, and he first worked in this field in Argentina. In 2016 he designed a stamp which is currently used, ‘Universo Cervantes’, after winning first place in the II National Competition for Stamp Design – ‘DISELLO’ – organized by the national post office entity. Last year, another poster of his, was selected among the 100 finalists and it was on exhibition in some commercial premises during the year and in the Jara’s Hairdressers in the neighborhood of Mendillorri.

The voting, open to all citizens who are on the census list in Pamplona took place between the 11th and the 27th of April. A total of 5, 682 citizens took part in the voting – 396 less than last year when the figure reached 6, 078 votes. This figure was the second highest over the past nine years since this voting system was set up. In 2015, there were 5,124 participants; in 2014 there were 3, 474 and in 2013 a total of 4, 964 votes were counted.

Maximiliano Cosatti
Maximiliano Cosatti


Running of the Bulls Balconies. Sanfermin, Pamplona 2017

We now have your balconies available for Sanfermin 2017 and Sanfermin by Locals are once again preparing a range of balcony offers to watch the Sanfermin bullrunnings in maximum comfort in Pamplona from the 7th to the 14th of July, 2017. As well, we have a special exclusive balcony available to watch the opening Txupinazo event, located beside the City Hall of Pamplona to allow you to enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience

The offers include a guide and a breakfast and this offer can be further extended to include other activities such as a Tour of the Bullrunning Course or reserving a select viewing spot from which to watch the nightly fireworks display from the roof terrace of the Baluarte Building. Check out our Web Page and learn more about our team as well as our offers and products.

After Sanfermin 2016…The Mundaka Festival

There are still some days of Sanfermin 2016 remaining to be enjoyed but one of these days it will unfortunately come to an end. So, if you finish up all spent out and ready for a complete change, we suggest a nice getaway plan to renew your spirits.  As the summer sun starts to roast us in earnest, we will head off to the beach at Mundaka (Bizkaia). Because they are holding a very appealing Festival there in which Kukuxumusu is also collaborating and taking part in with its drawings and other such like merchandizing stuff.

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© Hanna Quevedo

Casi seguro: no lloverá en el Chupinazo

El tiempo es increíblemente difícil de predecir, cambia cual veleta en huracán y parece que el de Pamplona no queda lejos. Unos días nos dicen que puede que llueva en el chupinazo y otros que no. Pero a poco más de 48 horas para que empiece la fiesta, podemos asegurar que no lloverá. 

La temperatura durante el día estará entre 17 grados de máxima y 29 de mínima, y a la hora en la que se lance el cohete estará en torno a los 22 grados. Las posibilidades de que caiga agua se situan en ¡0%!. Soplará vientecillo norte de 11 kms/h.

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Mister Testis, el toro azul de Kukuxumusu, muestra la nueva web en su tablet. is warming up for the greatest party in the world

Carousing, partying, debauchery, merriment. Year after year, Sanfermin never fails to deliver an authentic rave-up. And here at Kukuxumusu we too join whole-heartedly in all the fun with our drawings, our up-to-the-minute reports at the web page and also by organizing some cool scenes so that the thousands of visitors who come from all over the world will depart happy and content and ready to return the following year for more of the same.

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Resumen encierros 2016

The feared horns of Cebada have become

The Cebada Gago Bulls will be on show in the Pamplona streets once again this year. Their sharp horns tend to ensure increased danger in the morning Running of the Bulls. Meanwhile we can but wait to see how the novel Pedraza de Yeltes bull-ranch will behave when they make their debut in 2016. The following information should be helpful to any runners thinking of taking part in this year’s Running of the Bulls event and hopefully ensure that no perilous punctures are caused to the body.

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